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What Mobilets© are currently available to users?
Facebook, You Tube, Photo and Video Twitter, Community Share, Video Global Mail, Address Book, Video Memo Recorder.


What Devices are supported?
Symbian Series 60, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, J2ME, RIMM,iPhone will be supported in Q2 2009
How does a Sample Mobilet look?
Following are screen shots from the Mobilet.
How do i create a mobilet?

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Step 1 :
Home   l   Manage existing Channels or Services   l    Create new Channel or Service
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Step 2 :

Select “Create a new Channel or Service Mobilet”. If you have existing Mobilet you can make changes to it by clicking “Manage my existing Channel or Service Mobilet”.

Step 3 :

Enter the Description for your Mobilet and your website URL. This will be used to describe your Mobilet and point to your website if the Mobilet is embedded on other websites (Vaayoo, partners, Advertisements etc).

Step 4:

Use the WYSIWYG designer to create your Mobilet. This designer allows the provider to

  • Specify what content should be got from the users Mobile phones
  • Specify what content needs to be displayed onto the mobile phone.
  • Design Styles , Logos, Background colors, Fonts for the Forms and other User interface elements for the Mobilet
  • Upload the logo
  • Preview the Mobilet as it is being designed
Step 5:

Specify the Application Provider’s submit URL. This is the URL endpoint where the content generated by Mobile phones will be sent. The Application Provider creates this web page or web service that has web side code logic to receive the content from his Mobilet(c) or send the data to his Mobilet(c). This is also the URL where users email and phone number are first sent after user downloads mobilet on the phone.


After step 5 an embed URL is generated automatically for the Application Providers Mobilet. The Application provider can embed this in his web site. He can also style it the way he wants so that it merges with his website’s layout.

User Downloads the Application:

The subscriber who wishes to get the Application on his phone enters his cell phone number and email ID and clicks “Download”. When he does this the following things happen:

  • User is sent a passcode in his email
  • User is sent a sms to his mobile phone with the link to download the application. User downloads the application which prompts him to enter passcode once. He will not have to enter this again.
  • Application Provider is sent user’s cell phone number and email ID to the end point URL. From here onwards the phone number and email ID will be sent with all the content requests and posts to provider’s endpoint. This will help Application provider identify the user while handling his content.
User begins using the application:

The user can now start using the application. Following are the screen shots for YouTube application that was created in steps 1-6 above.